Cokin Filters for Samyang SFH-14

These Cokin filters have been specially developed for the Samyang SFH-14 filter holder, and are of a large 161 x 139 x 3mm size. The SFH-14 is the filter holder for the Samyang 14mm lenses, enabling filters to be attached to these ultra-wide angle lenses.

The three Cokin filters available are: 154 ND8, 121M ND4 and 123S.

Cokin Model 154 is a ND8 neutral density filter of ND8 that allows to slow shutter speeds and to blur moving objects (e.g. clouds, water, etc). It will be also often used by film-makers who want to get a shallow depth of field in strong sunlight.

Cokin 121M is a graduated neutral density ND4 filter, progressive graduation from the middle to the top of the filter to darken top, or bottom of the frame if used upside down etc.

Cokin 123S is a gradual blue B2 filter that enhancing the blue of the sky, or sea water / waves etc.

PLEASE NOTE: These lens hoods are difficult to remove once attached, so should be considered a semi-permanent fitting.

UPDATE: Although not officially announced, the Samyang SFH-14 appears to fit on and work with the Samyang 10mm lenses.

Cokin Filters for Samyang SFH-14


ModelCokin Filters for Samyang SFH-14 filter holder
MaterialOptical resin
Dimensions161 x 215 x 3 mm
Weight130 g approx
Available filters:Cokin 154, 121M and 123S.

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