About Samyang

Samyang Optics provide very high quality lenses of the highest optical quality. Specialising in dedicated lenses for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Samyang Optics Company was established in 1972. Since that day Samyang Optics has, and continues to establish itself in a very high position in the dedicated lens market thanks to the range of lenses they now offer. Samyang Optics is concerned with the production of the highest quality optical glass, industrial optics, CCTV lenses, object glasses and filters.

Samyang camera lenses are designed to meet an exceptional quality to price ratio. The production technologies used, design implementation with attention to detail contribute to Samyang's growing success. The lenses produced by Samyang possess excellent optical quality, which is recognised by amateur and professional photographers alike. Despite their low prices, the lenses they offer are often equal or much better in optical performance of competitors products of significantly higher prices. Samyang lenses are compatible with the major brands, available mounts include Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic MFT, Samsung NX and Sony A and Sony E Mounts.

The high performance and quality of Samyang lenses are confirmed in numerous tests and reviews. They are also recommended by many users, who recognise the value and quality they offer. Samyang’s products are quickly gaining the recognition, and increasing their position in the world’s photography and chromatography markets. Development and quality are two of most important consideration of Samyang Optics.

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